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Herbal Moxibustion Stick


Wormwood moxa sticks introduction

Product Name: Herbal moxibustion stick

Product specification: 1 sticker / bag / *3 bags / box / *2 boxes

Origin: lishizhen biomedical Economic Development Zone, Qichun County, Hubei Province

Product efficacy: easy moxibustion is a black science and technology physiotherapy product with three effects of heat effect + efficacy + moxibustion effect. It can truly simulate the moxibustion process under the condition of smoke-free and fire-free. By using gem grade tourmaline mineral powder, volcanic ash, energy stone and other substances, the temperature of moxibustion stick is kept at 43 ℃, and the nano-sized small molecule drug ingredients are rapidly penetrated into the skin surface, directly reaching the acupoints, combing the blood through the conduction of human meridians, Dispel cold and dehumidification to achieve the effect of pain relief. Persistent use can effectively improve your sub-health symptoms. On June 20, the company signed a cooperation agreement with four Olympic champions on image spokesmen and product recommenders. World trampoline champions Luo Dan and Zhang Kuo, synchronized skiing champion Wang Xuehan, and mountain bike world champion Ren Chengyuan all joined the team of product endorsement and recommendation.

Indications: it is a pure traditional Chinese medicine paste, which integrates heat effect + efficacy + moxibustion effect. It is an upgraded version of traditional moxibustion. A convenient and effective moxibustion stick containing more valuable traditional Chinese medicine, adopting more scientific infrared nanotechnology and self heating of medicine bag: it can quickly penetrate the skin, dredge the meridians, dispel wind and disperse cold. It has a very powerful auxiliary treatment effect on a series of diseases such as fatigue sub-health, cervical spondylosis, periarthritis of shoulder, backache, palace cold, dysmenorrhea, rheumatic diseases, stomach pain, stomach cold, hyperosteogeny and so on, which occur in modern office workers, school workers, mobile phone controllers, white-collar workers and other different groups.

Usage: tear open the package, open the medicine bag, and pour the wormwood essential oil on the medicine bag. The essential oil can accelerate the penetration of the skin and promote the absorption of the medicine bag into the body. Then tear the centrifugal paper on one side, expose the adhesive tape, and stick it on the skin. Then tear the centrifugal paper on the other three sides, and stick them separately. The medicine bag will keep heating for 6-8 hours. The used medicine bag can also be used to soak feet or take a bath, remove the damp and cold in the body, and help sleep.

Storage method: sealed, dry at normal temperature, away from heat source and magnetic field.

Note: don't stick it during menstruation. Don't use essential oil for children under 6 years old. Don't stick it directly on the skin. Stick it across clothes for 3-4 hours. The time for people over 70 should not be too long, usually 4-5 hours.


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