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Electric Heating Moxibustion Pad


Product name: electric heating moxibustion pad

Product specification: 150cm * 60cm

Origin: Henan, China

Product performance: Warming meridians and dispersing cold, activating blood circulation and unblocking collaterals, tonifying kidney and tranquilizing fetus, dysmenorrhea and uterine cold, etc., suitable for people with yang deficiency and cold in lower energizer.

Body comfort heat pads product advantages

aged wormwood filling, flannelette fabric, excellent production, convenient disassembly, intelligent switch, safe and reliable.

Wormwood wool: 

wormwood wool is made from wormwood leaves by repeatedly drying, beating, crushing, and sieving impurities and dust, and is as soft as cotton. Muxa wool is the raw material for making moxa sticks and also the main material for moxibustion.

It is made from the dried leaves of wormwood, a composite plant. It is grayish white in color, soft as velvet, flammable without flame, and fragrant in smell, suitable for moxibustion. Depending on the degree of processing, the thick ones are mainly used for warming needles or making moxa sticks, while the thin ones are mostly used for making moxa cones. The texture is better if it is old.

Functions of the moxa heating pad: 

The moxa velvet cushion is good for the body, mainly including regulating menstruation, relieving dysmenorrhea, warming the uterus and relieving cold, and refreshing the brain. The mugwort pad can not only heat the body, but also remove dampness and cold, and recuperate women's symptoms such as uterine cold and dysmenorrhea. It is a rare good product.

1. Recuperate menstruation

The mugwort cushion is mainly made of mugwort leaf, which tastes bitter and warm. Its main functions are to warm the meridians and dissipate cold, activate blood circulation and dredge collaterals, tonify the kidney and pacify the fetus, warm the uterus, etc. It is suitable for people with yang deficiency. Frequent use of wormwood cushion has a better conditioning effect on the symptoms of irregular menstruation, cold abdomen, hands and feet. At the same time, you can also drink some ginger, brown sugar water, which has a better therapeutic effect.

2. Relieve dysmenorrhea

The wormwood leaf can replenish qi and activate blood circulation, dissipate cold and relieve pain, and has a good recuperation effect on female dysmenorrhea, cold pain in the lower abdomen, and umbilical pain in the elderly. Patients can usually use the wormwood cushion to recuperate these discomfort symptoms.

3. Warming the Palace and Dispelling Cold

The wormwood leaf is fragrant and pungent, which can warm the blood and meridians, and has the effect of warming the palace and dispelling cold. Many women are greedy for cold, often eat cold drinks, and don't pay attention to keeping warm when wearing, so they often have cold limbs, cold hands and feet, cold stomach pain, less menstruation, dark color, dysmenorrhea and other symptoms. Frequent use of Ai Rong cushion can alleviate these symptoms.

4. Refreshing

Wormwood cushion can not only recuperate these diseases, but also has a certain role in refreshing and refreshing.

5. It can dispel dampness and cold, replenish yang qi, dredge channels and collaterals, invigorate qi and blood, and improve human immunity.


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