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Dried Shiitake Mushrooms

The raw material of dried mushrooms is produced in the deep mountains of Qinling Mountains in China. It has a pure flavor, thick and delicate meat, delicious and refreshing, and it is the top grade among shiitake mushrooms.

Dried shiitake mushrooms are agricultural products processed from fresh shiitake mushrooms through roasting and other processes. Shiitake mushrooms are highly absorbent and must be stored separately, that is, the container for storing mushrooms must not be mixed with other items, and the warehouse where mushrooms are stored should not be mixed with other materials. In addition, do not store shiitake mushrooms in volatile containers or containers that absorb peculiar smells.

Shiitake mushrooms, also known as shiitake mushrooms, are precious wild mushrooms that grow in the natural environment and live in the mountains. They are rich in nutrients and taste delicious and tender. They have always been regarded as delicacies on the table. After picking the shiitake mushrooms, roasting them into dried mushrooms can not only increase its added value, but it is also easy to preserve and sell well.

Roasting method of dried shiitake mushrooms

The key is to master the temperature of the baking process. After cutting the handles of the mushrooms according to different lengths, they are placed on the drying sieve, and the drying sieve is pushed into the drying oven, and the door is closed tightly to start ignition. The initial temperature of dehydration should not be lower than 30°C, preferably 32°C to start drying; bake in the range of 40°C~50°C for 6 hours; after stopping the fire for 1 hour, dehydrate at 45°C~50°C hot air temperature ; Stop the fire for 2 hours and carry out mushroom inspection. Finally, it is dehydrated at 50℃~60℃ until drying. It is not advisable to increase the temperature too fast during baking, and the temperature increase per hour cannot exceed 3℃~5℃. Sudden heating will cause the mushroom body to shrink sharply, causing the cover to roll outward and turn black, which will seriously affect the quality of dried mushrooms. In the baking process, mushroom inspection is also a link that cannot be ignored. Because the thickness of the mushroom meat is different, its water content varies greatly, and the requirements for the roasting time are naturally different. Therefore, after the second cease-fire, it is necessary to check the sieve one by one. If it is found that the dried one should be picked up and put in a plastic bag, the undried one should be pushed into the box to continue baking. This can prevent some shiitake mushrooms from zooming due to over-roasting, which will affect the quality of dried mushrooms.

Storage of dried shiitake mushrooms:

Dry storage

Shiitake mushrooms are highly water-absorbing, and are easily oxidized and deteriorated when the water content is high, and mildew will occur. Therefore, shiitake mushrooms must be dried before storage. A proper amount of lumpy lime or dry charcoal and other hygroscopic agents must be placed in the storage container to prevent moisture reversal. 

Low temperature storage

Shiitake mushrooms must be stored in a low-temperature and ventilated place. If conditions permit, the container containing the mushrooms can be sealed and stored in the refrigerator or cold storage.

Store away from light

The infrared rays in the light will heat up the mushrooms, and the ultraviolet rays will trigger photochemical action, which accelerates the deterioration of the mushrooms. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid storing shiitake mushrooms under strong light, and also to avoid packaging with translucent materials.

Sealed storage

The oxidation reaction is a necessary process for the quality of the mushrooms. If the oxygen supply is cut off, the oxidative deterioration can be inhibited. Shiitake mushrooms can be stored in sealable containers such as iron cans and ceramic cylinders. The containers should be lined with food bags. The container should be opened as little as possible, and the air in the liner bag should be discharged when sealing. If possible, it can be stored in a bag with oxygen and nitrogen.


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