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Dried Day Lily

Features:Place of origin, pollution-free pure green, no sulfur.
Effect:Invigorate the brain, anti-aging, moisturize the intestines, reduce cholesterol, stop bleeding, reduce inflammation, diuresis and soothe the nerves.
Instructions for use:Mix with other ingredients after soaking
Precautions:Ventilated and dry storage

Daylily, also known as Golden Needle, Lemon Daylily, Nepenthes, belongs to the order Liliaceae, a perennial herbaceous plant in the Liliaceae family, with nearly fleshy roots and often spindle-shaped swellings in the middle and lower parts. Scapes vary in length, short pedicels, many flowers, perianths are light yellow, orange, black and purple; the capsule is obtuse, triangular and oval, and the flowering period is from May to September.

Daylily is sweet and cool in nature and has the effects of hemostasis, anti-inflammatory, clearing heat, dampness, digestion, improving eyesight, soothing the nerves, etc. It is effective for vomiting blood, stool with blood, urination, insomnia, insomnia, and breast milk. It can be used as a post-illness or postpartum Of tonic.

Product characteristics

the intersection of Yellow River, Weihe River and Luohe River in the north of Shaanxi Province is the place of origin, with loose and fertile soil, deep soil layer, good drainage performance, high temperature in bolting period, long sunshine time, good quality, many flower buds, long needles, good color, thick meat and fragrant taste.

Product efficacy

according to the notes to compendium of Materia Medica, daylily is also called "forgetting worry herb" and "brain strengthening vegetable", which has the effects of refreshing, clearing brain, reducing three highs, and clearing blood fat. Long term use can prolong life and beautiful appearance; It has a good preventive and adjuvant treatment effect on arteriosclerosis, hypertension and other diseases.

Product taboo: no taboo

Storage method: cool and dry, ventilated, long-term storage, color darkening is normal, does not affect eating and taste.

Morphological characteristics

Hemerocallis fulvum is a perennial herb, 30 to 65 cm high. The roots are clustered, fleshy, and the root tips swell into a spindle shape. The leaves are basal, long and narrow, with overlapping lower ends and gradually flattening upwards. The length is about 40-60 cm, and the width is 2 cm-4 cm. The whole edge is protruding from the midrib below the leaf. 


Modern Chinese and foreign scholars have further discovered the medicinal value of day lily. For example, Japanese scholars called day lily a "brain-building vegetable": my country's "Journal of Nutrition" once evaluated that day lily can significantly reduce animal serum cholesterol. It is known that the increase in cholesterol is one of the important factors leading to middle-aged and elderly diseases and body decline. There are not many vegetables that can resist aging but are delicious and nutritious. Daylily has these characteristics on the contrary.

Eating day lily can also moisturize the skin, enhance the toughness and elasticity of the skin, make the skin tender and plump, smooth and soft, reduce wrinkles, discoloration, increase beauty, day lily and antibacterial immune function, with moderate to mild anti-inflammatory It has detoxification effect and has a certain effect in preventing infection.

Daylily is a food that is close to dampness and heat. People with ulcers and gastrointestinal discordance should eat less. They usually have more sputum, especially those with asthma.


Day lily flowers contain colchicine, which is transformed from colchicine to dioxycolchicine in the human body and causes poisoning. Fresh day lily should be treated with a high temperature above 60℃, or soaked in cold water, and blanched with boiling water when eating. It takes a little longer to avoid poisoning. Long-term drying can also destroy colchicine.


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