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Daylily's value and efficacy

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Daylily, also known as "brain vegetable", is a lily plant. It is the flower bud of a perennial herbaceous plant. It has been cultivated in China for more than 2000 years. The flower buds of daylily are slender, yellow and fragrant. Because of its plump petals, golden color, strong aroma, fresh fragrance, smooth, tender and waxy, it is often as famous as Auricularia, and is "a treasure on the mat".

1. Nutritional value of yellow day lilies 

Daylily has high nutritional value. It is rich in pollen, sugar, protein, calcium, fat, carotene, amino acids and other nutrients necessary for the human body, as well as dietary fiber, a variety of vitamins and minerals. The content of protein, fat and carbohydrate in dried daylily is 10 times higher than that in tomato and Chinese cabbage. The content of carbohydrates and calories are similar to that of rice. The vitamin content of daylily is 10 times higher than that of cabbage, and the mineral content is more than 3 times higher than that of cabbage.

In particular, the content of carotene is the most abundant and ranks among the best in vegetables. It is very beneficial to human health, especially fetal development. Therefore, it can be used as an essential food for pregnant women and pregnant women.chinese daylily price-CGhealthfood


Lecithin in daylily has good brain strengthening and anti-aging effects. This substance is a component of many cells in the body, especially brain cells. It plays an important role in enhancing and improving brain function. At the same time, it can remove deposits in arteries and has special effects on symptoms such as inattention, memory loss and cerebral artery obstruction. Therefore, it is called "brain strengthening dish".


Daylily contains a lot of carotene, which is even several times higher than that of tomatoes. It can promote skin cell metabolism, prevent skin roughness and pigmentation, moisturize skin and delay aging.

Dietary fiber

Rich dietary fiber can promote the excretion of stool, so it can be used as food for the prevention and treatment of intestinal cancer.

Vitamin A

The content of vitamin A in daylily is 1.52 ~ 2 times higher than that of carrot. It can protect the skin and promote growth and development. It can also protect the eyes and prevent night blindness and vision loss.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C can improve human immunity, improve cardiovascular diseases, enhance human resistance, prevent melanin deposition and nourish the skin.

Vitamin B1

Because daylily contains more vitamin B1, it can stimulate gastrointestinal peristalsis, promote food emptying and increase appetite, so it has a calming effect.

Progesterone and biological hormone

It also contains progesterone and biological hormone, which is quite beneficial to women, especially pregnant women. It can be said to be a very authentic "mother grass".

Winter alkali

Daylily has the functions of hemostasis, anti-inflammatory, diuresis, strengthening stomach, calming nerves and so on.


Daylily is a food with high potassium and low sodium, which has diuretic and antihypertensive effects.


Calcium is the source of human life and can promote bone growth and development.

Multiple amino acids

Daylily also contains 18 kinds of amino acids necessary for human body, which can provide essential nutrients for human body.daylily food for sale-CGhealthfood

2. Efficacy and function of dried day lily 

Daylily is flat in nature, sweet in taste and slightly bitter, and belongs to the liver, spleen and kidney channels; It has the effects of clearing heat and diuresis, detoxifying and detumescence, hemostasis and removing annoyance, broadening chest and diaphragm, nourishing blood and calming liver, promoting water and milk, benefiting pharynx and chest, clearing damp heat, sending milk, detoxifying alcohol and so on; It is mainly used for dizziness and tinnitus, palpitation and annoyance, red and astringent urination, water inhibiting the growth of cancer cells, swelling, hemorrhoids, bloody stool, dry mouth and pharynx, bloody stool, adverse urination, hematemesis, epistaxis, constipation and other diseases. It has different curative effects on hepatitis, jaundice, rheumatoid arthritis, periodontitis, dysentery, hemorrhoids, habitual constipation, pulmonary tuberculosis, hyperlipidemia, neurasthenia, Alzheimer's disease and other diseases. Its flowers, stems, leaves and roots can be used as medicine.

1. Allay sorrow

2. Brain strengthening and anti-aging

3. Clearing heat, detoxifying and brightening eyes

4. Beneficial to pregnant women

5. Lower serum cholesterol

6. Reduce liver fire

7. Anticancer

8. Prevention and treatment of anemia

9. Cool blood and stop bleeding

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