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Green Tea


Green tea, English Green Tea, is one of the main teas in China.

Green tea is made from the new leaves or buds of the tea tree, without fermentation, through processes such as curing, shaping, and drying. It retains the natural substances of the fresh leaves and contains tea polyphenols, catechins, chlorophyll, caffeine, amino acids, Vitamins and other nutrients. The green color and tea soup preserve the green style of fresh tea leaves, hence the name.

Drinking green tea regularly can prevent cancer, reduce fat and lose weight, and can also reduce the nicotine damage to smokers.

Quality characteristics

Green tea is a non-fermented tea. Because of its characteristics, it retains more natural substances in fresh leaves. Among them, tea polyphenols and caffeine retain more than 85% of the fresh leaves, chlorophyll retains about 50%, and vitamin loss is less, thus forming the characteristics of green tea "clear soup and green leaves, strong taste astringency". It has special effects on anti-aging, anti-cancer, anti-cancer, sterilization, and anti-inflammatory, etc., which is not as good as fermented tea.

Value effect

Green tea is known as the "national drink". A large number of modern scientific studies have confirmed that tea does contain biochemical ingredients that are closely related to human health. Tea not only has refreshing and refreshing, clearing heat and relieving heat, eliminating food and phlegm, removing greasiness and weight loss, clearing heart and irritability, detoxification and sobering, promoting body fluid, quenching thirst, and reducing fire It also has certain pharmacological effects on modern diseases such as radiation sickness, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, cancer and other diseases.

Taboo for drinking tea

1. Taboo drinking tea all the time: Because tea is contaminated by pesticides and other harmful substances during cultivation and processing, there will always be a certain amount of residue on the surface of tea.

2. Avoid drinking tea on an empty stomach: Drinking tea on an empty stomach can dilute the gastric juice and reduce the digestive function, causing a large amount of undesirable components in the tea to enter the blood, causing dizziness, palpitation, and weakness in limbs.

3. Drink new tea less: Because new tea has a short storage time and contains more unoxidized polyphenols, aldehydes and alcohols, it has a strong stimulating effect on the human gastrointestinal mucosa and easily induces stomach problems. New tea that has been stored for less than half a month should be avoided.

4. People with cold stomach should not drink too much, too much will cause gastrointestinal upset. People with neurasthenia and insomnia should not drink tea before going to bed, and women who are breastfeeding should also drink less tea. Tea has astringent effects on breast milk.

5. Avoid taking medicine with green tea and drinking overnight tea. The tannic acid in green tea will combine with many drugs to produce precipitation, hinder absorption and affect the efficacy of the drug.


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