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Brief introduction of Jinxiang garlic

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Jinxiang garlic is a special product of Jinxiang County,Jining City,Shandong Province,and a product of China National Geographical Indication.Jinxiang County is a well-known hometown of garlic in the country.The history of garlic planting has reached more than 2,000 years.It has planted 700,000 mu of garlic all year round,with an average annual output of 800,000 tons.The products are exported to more than 160 countries and regions.According to skin color,Jinxiang garlic can be divided into white-skinned garlic and purple-skinned garlic.Jinxiang County is the hometown of garlic,with a recorded history of garlic planting for more than 2,000 years.

1.Jinxiang County is also a national modern agricultural demonstration area,the first batch of national modern agricultural industrial parks,and the planting area,output,quality,and export volume of Jinxiang garlic rank among the top in the country reputation.

2.Product features:Jinxiang garlic has obvious advantages such as large garlic head, strong umami taste,pure spicy taste,crispy and delicious,not loose petals,anti-mildew,anti-rot,and storage resistance. At the same time,the nutritional value of Jinxiang garlic is extremely high.According to the determination of the scientific research department,Jinxiang garlic contains more than 20 kinds of nutrients such as protein,niacin, fat,magnesium,phosphorus,iron,potassium and other nutrients needed by the human body.It is called the best by experts. natural antibiotic food and health food.

3.Planting and management of garlic Jinxiang garlic

Soil preparation before planting:Fertile,soft and well-drained sandy soil is suitable for garlic planting.It is best not to continue to stubble.Generally,the deep plowing is about 15-20cm.After digging the drainage ditches,the furrow surface needs to be kept flat and soft.

Sowing time

It is best to choose garlic varieties with strong stress resistance,which are generally planted as garlic heads.It is advisable to sow from early September to early October every year,and no later than mid-October.If it is planted as green garlic,it is advisable to sow in mid-to-late August every year.When sowing,the seeds are planted in holes,with 2-3 petals per hole,the spacing is 17×20cm,and the depth is kept at 0.02-0.3m.After sowing,it should be covered with a layer of plant ash or poured with a layer of mud and mortar.Generally, the sowing amount per mu is about 120-140 kg.Fertilization management:Fertilization mainly includes base fertilizer,seedling fertilizer, wax fertilizer,bolting fertilizer and foliar spray fertilizer.Base fertilizer: Before site preparation,20-25 kg of ammonium bicarbonate,4-5 kg of potassium chloride,8-10 kg of superphosphate,or 15-20 kg of compound fertilizer can be applied per mu.Seedling fertilizer: Generally,at the stage of the first three leaves after full seedlings,1500-2000 kg of livestock manure can be applied per mu,and about 5 kg of urea can be added.Wax fertilizer:It is a supplementary fertilizer applied to crops from this winter to the next spring.Generally, about 10 kg of ammonium bicarbonate is applied per mu,and 1000-1200 kg of human and animal manure is applied.Bolting fertilizer: During the bolting stage of garlic,15 kg of urea can be applied per mu.Foliar spray fertilizer:When the garlic is in the period of rapid expansion,0.2-0.3% potassium dihydrogen phosphate solution can be sprayed per mu,preferably before and after Grain Rain.Field management:When the garlic seedlings are all in place, bamboo chips can be used for transplanting and finalizing the seedlings.After the seedlings are fertilized,soil loosening and weeding should be carried out in time.Loosen the soil once before and after the severe cold,and dredge the drainage ditch in time in late February of the following spring.If there is drought, furrow irrigation should be done in time to fight drought.Prevention and control of pests and diseases:The main pests and diseases of garlic are blight and coffee bean weevil.Generally,100 grams of 25% carbendazim can be used to spray 50 kilograms of water to prevent and control the disease. Garlic coffee beans can be fumigated with 3-5 grams of aluminum phosphide per cubic meter.

4.Efficacy and function of garlic:Garlic has the effects of sterilization, detoxification,bowel cleansing, and hypoglycemia.It can also strengthen yang,lose weight,and prevent cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.Eating raw garlic is an effective way to prevent influenza and intestinal infections,but it should be noted that allicin is easily destroyed at high temperatures and loses its bactericidal effect.The allicin produced by garlic can aggravate the irritation of the intestinal lining and congest the blood vessels.So you can't choose to eat garlic on an empty stomach.Garlic can improve male sexual performance,help treat male impotence,and promote male erectile function.Garlic also has the effect of tonifying the kidney,which can improve the quality of male sperm.

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