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Best agaricus blazei effects and various recipes from CGhealthfood

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What is agaricus blazei?

Agaricus blazei is an excellent variety artificially cultivated by Japanese mycology experts with the Brazilian mushroom strain, which is named Agaricus blazei. Agaricus blazei is composed of two parts: fruiting body and mycelium. The upper part of the medium is fruiting body (reproductive organ) and the lower part is mycelium (vegetative organ). Both parts contain a variety of nutrients that are beneficial to the human body. In particular, the β-(1-6)-D-glucose structure contained in the fruiting body directly acts on the immunity, which can rapidly enhance the growth activity of natural immune cells and enhance the immunity of the human body. Clinical trials of the Department of Medicine of the University of Tokyo have confirmed that Agaricus blazei Murray is the best health food for enhancing immune function among all medicinal anti-cancer fungi in improving human immunity.

Agaricus bisporus and agaricus blazei effects

1. Anti-cancer and anti-tumor

Agaricus blazei has a special double-sided bioactive substance called matsutake alcohol that is not found in any other plant. The anti-tumor activity of the polysaccharide of lingzhi is also higher than that of Ganoderma lucidum and other foods, ranking first among edible fungi with anti-tumor activity.

2. Improve immunity

Agaricus blazei also has various nutrients needed by the human body, especially the double-chain matsutake polysaccharide rich in matsutake, which can activate human T cells and has a definite enhancement effect on non-specific and specific immunity. It has a very good effect on the rapid improvement of immunity for people who are weak, postoperative and postpartum.

3. Anti-aging and beautyagaricus blazei company -CGhealthfood

The polysaccharides in pine mushrooms have an inhibitory effect on tyrosinase. By intervening in the process of melanin deposition, it removes excess free radicals in the body and reduces the degree of peroxidation of tissue cells, thereby whitening and moisturizing the skin.

Andosan mushroom edible method

Dried matsutake mushrooms should be soaked for 2 hours, and then soaked in warm water. The following is the practice of dried matsutake pork ribs soup:

Main ingredients: 600 grams of pork ribs, 30 grams of dried matsutake mushrooms, and 20 grams of soybeans.

Accessories: 10 grams of ginger, 3 grams of salt, 8 grams of green onions, 15 ml of cooking wine, and 5 ml of concentrated chicken juice.

1. Soak fresh pork ribs in light salt water for 2 hours.

2. Dried matsutake mushrooms and soybeans, soaked in warm water for 2 hours.

3. Add water to the pot, put ginger slices and soaked spareribs, and blanch with blood.

4. Blanch the spare ribs, wash them and put them in the electric stew pot.

5. Add ginger slices and green onions.

6. Add cooking wine.

7. Heat water.

8. Turn on the power and start the soup cooking program, the time is 3h.

9. After 1 hour, add the soaked soybeans.

10. Add soaked and washed dried matsutake mushrooms.

11. When 0.5H is left, open the lid and add salt.

12. Add concentrated chicken juice to taste.

13. When the soup-making process is over, you can pour out the soup and eat the meat.

Agaricus blazei mushroom other recipes

Agaricus blazei is a fungus that grows in virgin forests, which contains a variety of amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins, cellulose and trace elements needed by the human body. Matsutake can be made into agaricus blazei porridge and agaricus blazei chicken soup. It is important to avoid eating with high-calcium foods, as well as avoiding large amounts of food and excessive washing.

1. Agaricus blazei porridge

Agaricus blazei and rice are made into porridge, which is good for gastrointestinal absorption. Moderate consumption usually does not stimulate the gastrointestinal mucosa. Suitable for patients after surgery, or people who need to eat easily digestible food;

2. Agaricus blazei chicken soup

Agaricus blazei and chicken are both very nutritious ingredients, and these two ingredients are more suitable to match. There are many nutrients in matsutake, including amino acids, minerals, vitamins, etc., and there are many nutrients in chicken, including protein, fat, vitamins, etc., these nutrients are needed by the human body, and the stewed chicken with matsutake is delicious and edible. After that, it is conducive to the supplementation of nutrients.

Agaricus blazei supplements notes

1. Avoid eating with high-calcium foods

For example, agaricus blazei should avoid eating with foods with high calcium content, otherwise it may affect the absorption of nutrients. Because the oxalic acid contained in pine mushrooms may have a certain chemical reaction with calcium to form calcium oxalate, which is not conducive to digestion and absorption;

2. Avoid eating a lot

It is not recommended to eat too much pine mushrooms at one time, otherwise the intake of more cellulose may affect digestion and induce bloating and other reactions;

3. Avoid over-washing

It is not recommended to over-wash matsutake, otherwise it may lead to the loss of nutritional value. When cleaning the matsutake mushrooms, clean the dirt and other dirt.

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