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Astragalus Membranaceus

Product Name: Minxiang Astragalus

Origin: Gansu Province, China

Product specification: 1000g / bag 500g / bag 250G / bag


Astragalus membranaceus features

Good planting environment, good soil and climate in Minxian County, far from pollution; Rich planting experience, handed down from generation to generation, traditional processing technology, no pollution, and ensure the effective ingredients to the greatest extent; Hand selected, with complete shape, clear texture and natural color; Only take the main root part, and use 45 degree manual oblique cutting to remove broken root fragments; Foam resistance and boiling resistance are more conducive to nutrient exudation. Mainly perennial products, the source is directly in the hands of users, and the quality is assured.

Benefit qi and nourishing blood efficacy

Astragalus membranaceus has oxidation. Its efficacy and function mainly lie in four aspects: one is to replenish qi and promote Yang; Second, strengthen the surface, collect sweat and reduce blood pressure; Third, supporting sore and discharging pus; Fourth, protect the liver, promote water and reduce swelling. Among them, tonifying Qi is the most key and commonly used effect.

How to eat best astragalus

There is a popular doggerel that people often drink Astragalus soup to prevent diseases and protect health, which means that they often drink Astragalus in water as tea, which has a good role in disease prevention and health care. Astragalus membranaceus tea can replenish qi, but not greasy. It can improve Qi deficiency and anemia, enhance physique and prolong life. If it can be brewed together with medlar, dangshen, Fu Qin and other herbs, the effect will be better.

Food Taboo: exogenous disease starts at the beginning. Those with Yin deficiency should use it with caution.

Storage conditions: ventilated, dry and refrigerated


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