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Antler Slices


Antler pieces introduction

Product Name: antler slices

Origin: Changbai Mountain, Jilin Province, China

Product specification: 10g / bottle 20g / bottle

Product efficacy: improve sexual ability, tonifying kidney yang and Qi and blood can benefit the essence and strengthen muscles and bones. Pilose antler is a traditional Chinese medicine that we often use to tonify kidney yang. Its efficacy is mainly to strengthen Yang, tonify kidney yang, replenish qi and blood, benefit the essence, strengthen muscles and bones. Pilose antler is often used to treat some asthenia. In addition, it is prone to fatigue. There are also things like dizziness, deafness, dark eyes, unclear food, waist and knees caused by kidney yang deficiency, male impotence, female uterus deficiency and cold, etc. Pilose antler tablets can reduce blood pressure. It is a very good traditional Chinese medicine for patients with hypertension. The pilose antler essence contained in it can reduce the heart rate, so pilose antler is very good for patients with hypertension. It can also effectively protect the heart vessels of patients with high blood pressure, and can also achieve the effect of strengthening the body and anti-aging. It is warm but not dry, and can improve physical performance, It has a good effect on people who are weak or ill for a long time. Pilose antler can also play a role in strengthening the heart and restoring the pulse. A large dose of pilose antler can reduce blood pressure, make the heart contract, reduce the amplitude, and at the same time, make the peripheral blood vessels dilate. The effect on the tired heart is particularly obvious. Pilose antler can also achieve the effect of Supplementing Qi and blood. If Qi and blood are not good, the energy of the whole person will decline. At this time, using pilose antler can make your energy more abundant.

Taboo group: not suitable for people with exogenous diseases

Once suffering from exogenous diseases, whether exogenous wind cold or exogenous wind heat, it is generally the evil on the muscle surface. Patients will have a series of symptoms such as cold, wind, fever, headache and limb pain. The body is in the period of exogenous evil, which is not suitable for taking velvet antler.

People with kidney deficiency should not take it

If there are symptoms of dry cough and hemoptysis, irritability, sputum in the throat, and even hemoptysis, it indicates that it is related to the deficiency of kidney yin and the exuberance of deficiency fire, which can be diagnosed as kidney deficiency fire. Velvet antler is a kind of warming and tonifying Chinese herbal medicine. If taken, it will help fire rob Yin and hurt body fluid, which is not conducive to physical recovery. 3. Patients with hypertension cannot take it

People with hypertension should not take pilose antler, otherwise it may cause the blood pressure value to become unstable, or even rise sharply, which will have an adverse impact on the remission of the disease.

People with liver disease should take it with caution

For people with liver diseases such as chronic hepatitis, liver cirrhosis or liver insufficiency, most of them belong to the constitution of yin deficiency and fire, and there is often solid fire in the body. At this time, we should follow the doctor's advice to use deer antler, and we must not take it blindly.

Storage method: cool and dry, sealed storage

Precautions: This product cannot replace drugs


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