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Agricultural and Sideline Products

Agricultural and sideline products: millet: millet with selenium-enriched oil in rice fat in northern Shaanxi, nourishes qi and nourishes the spleen, sleeps the stomach, promotes blood circulation and removes stasis, nourishes and effectively improves the physique of weak pregnant women.

  • Dried Shiitake Mushrooms
    The raw material of dried mushrooms is produced in the deep mountains of Qinling Mountains in China. It has a pure flavor, thick and delicate meat, delicious and refreshing, and it is the top grade among shiitake mushrooms.
  • Dried Day Lily
    Features:Place of origin, pollution-free pure green, no sulfur.
    Effect:Invigorate the brain, anti-aging, moisturize the intestines, reduce cholesterol, stop bleeding, reduce inflammation, diuresis and soothe the nerves.
    Instructions for use:Mix with other ingredients after soaking
    Precautions:Ventilated and dry storage
  • Pumpkin Seeds
    Features:The origin of pumpkin seeds in Shaanxi, China, the famous brand "Lao Yanjia".
    Effect:Beautify skin, treat various urinary system diseases, lower blood sugar, lower blood lipid
    Instructions for use:Ready to eat
    Precautions:Ventilated and dry storage
  • Black Tea
    Features:The country of origin of the famous Chinese tea, the taste is sweet and the color is bright.
    Effect:It quenches thirst, refreshes, diuresis, expectorant, improves eyesight, eliminates troubles, moisturizes, reduces inflammation, detoxifies, and resists skin aging, and provides beauty.
    Instructions for use:Boil water, or make tea
    Precautions:Cool and ventilated storage
  • Red Dates
    Features:No coloring, no added preservatives, thick meat, small nucleus.
    Effect:Enhance the body's immunity, strengthen bones, anti-oxidation, calm sleep, protect liver and liver, anemia, insomnia, and dreams
    Instructions for use:Eat directly, or cook porridge, soak in water, etc.
    Precautions:If you need to store for a long time, please refrigerate
  • Millet
    Features:China's Shaanxi Shaanbei rice fat oil millet, origin, original ecology, ancient processing, more sticky, sweeter and richer in rice oil.
    Effect:To invigorate qi and tonify the spleen, sleep peacefully with the stomach, promote blood circulation and remove stasis, promote digestion
    Instructions for use:Boil a pot under water, the ratio of 1:15, open the lid and boil on high heat for 20 minutes until the soup is thick and turn to low heat for 15 minutes.
    Precautions:Avoid storage in a humid environment and avoid direct sunlight
  • Black Fungus
    Features:Cultivated in the Qinling Mountains, pure green, pollution-free, thick and soft, and rich in nutrients.
    Effect:Replenishing qi, strengthening and nourishing, promoting blood circulation and relieving pain, lipid-lowering, congenital anemia, calcium supplement
    Instructions for use:Soak in cold water, can be made with any food
    Precautions:Avoid storing under direct sunlight, soaking time cannot exceed 4 hours.
  • Green Tea

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